Christian Nursing College was created for the purposes of:

  • Equipping students to make sound judgments, provide Christian-based services and communicate effectively.
  • Developing Christian nursing ministers through a balanced program of Biblical studies and general education with an emphasis of the “whole person.”
  • Training Christian nursing ministers to carry out, share and teach Christian principles to this generation.
  • Fostering appreciation of self, others and their views on ethical and moral values.
  • Providing services to the community based on Christian principles.
  • Implementing collaborative work goals between health facilities and religious institutions.

About the Founder

As Founder and CEO of CNC, Violeta West pioneers the field of post graduate Nursing Ministry. Violeta has been praying for and with her patients since 1990s, right after the Holy Ghost came upon her. Since then, she has been experiencing and seeing God’s healing power. She has seen so many patients turn completely from worse to good, better and/or healed during the period of time that she took care of them. From this, a Nursing Ministry was born.

Empowered by the Holy Ghost, Violeta West created this specialty for nurses, which completely changes the scope of nursing to that of a ministry.